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Montreal, CanadaLouis Martel, CA ( cell: 514.581.0906 )
Louis Martel, CA
For the last 30 years, Louis Martel has participated in the organisation and reorganization of manufacturing businesses. As a consultant and a general manager, he negotiates many contracts in different parts of the world and guides entrepreneurs in their important decisions. In the last few years, thanks to his recurrent trips to Asia, he has helped Canadian companies to find sourcing in China and has assisted Chinese companies in their sourcing in Canada . Louis Martel has recently created a joint venture between a Chinese and a Canadian company and he has participated in the transfer of a Canadian manufacturing business in China . He is the man behind the concept of the ERP software that helps entrepreneurs control the operations of their company and manage its production from abroad. This software works in French, English and Mandarin.
Montreal, CanadaFrancyne Nolet ,Office Manager ( cell: 514.757.4981 )
Francyne Nolet ,Office Manager
With a degree in management from the Université du Québec à Montréal , Francyne Nolet has been with APS-Sourcinget and Yangtse from the very beginning. In the past, she worked as a production manager for textile and screen-printing companies, and other international companies. Thanks to her management skills, she was able to run a chain of gift shops for a number of years. Repeatedly recognized as having a high level of entrepreneurship, she has the qualities and experience necessary to meet our clients' needs.
Shanghai, ChinaSophia Jiang ,Office Manager ( cell: 13764297395 )
Sophia Jiang ,Office Manager
Sophia Jiang has a Master Degree in English Translation. While working for numerous foreign companies and more lately for a Canadian Company she was responsible for sourcing and purchasing raw materials in China and abroad to guarantee the domestic production. She got involved in recruiting high-level management, staff and production personnel. She supervised Import & Export trade, red books implementations, logistics and dealt with lawyers, accountants and government officials. She participated in setting up a WOFE (Wholly Own Foreign Enterprise) and participated in the negotiations of a joint venture in China between a Canadian and Chinese company.
Foshan, ChinaRae Ma ,Office Manager ( cell: 15918178717 )
Rae Ma ,Office Manager
Rae Ma has graduated in International Business. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, she worked in the aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic industries. She is familiar with the Cantonese's fairs and various other fairs in Southern China. She has a good experience in exporting processing, document and shipment operations. Her knowledge will help your business to expand.
Montreal, CanadaJohanne Chamberland ( cell: 514-383-2004 )
Johanne Chamberland
Graduated from University in Nursing, Johanne Chamberland has joined our team as Human Resources manager. She will be responsible of hiring qualified candidates in North America to support our fast growth and to set up company's procedures. Later, she will be responsible of medical products.
Shanghai, ChinaAngela Cai ( cell: 86-21-50156972-816 )
Angela Cai
Angela Cai, Bachelor in Electronic commerce, she has 3 years working experience in exporting and sourcing lines of wood matters, like wooden toys, kid's furniture etc. She is familiar with daily administrative management, export processing and shipment issue. She attends many HK fairs and domestic fairs. With her experience and characteristic of faithful and trust worthy, conscientious and responsible, she will be a good partner and an excellent employee.
Foshan, ChinaJojo Ling ( cell: 86-757-86237455-8003 )
Jojo Ling
Jojo Ling, Graduated from Guangdong University Of Foreign Studies, familiar with following up trade orders, products inspections, handling inquiries, and has a rich experience in searching manufactory of shoes, furniture, clothes and ceramic. With her experience and knowledge, she will be your good assistant to promote your business.
Shanghai, ChinaCindy Yue ( cell: 86 21 50156972-817 )
Cindy Yue
Cindy Yue graduated from Tangshan Teachers Colleague Physics majoring in Physics with a bachelor's degree. She has 2 years working experience in exporting and sourcing of Medical products. She is familiar with the plastic, non-woven medical products and related EU Directive for these kinds of products. Her professional knowledge and experience will help you expand your business in China.
Shanghai, ChinaCathy Zhang ( cell: 86-21-50156972 )
Cathy Zhang
Cathy Zhang majored in Garment Textile, she has 4 years’ experience in textile, familiar with the production process of garment fabric, Sofa fabric and institutional textile; her rich quality inspection experience, serious and responsible attitude, and good communication skills will help you control the quality of the product.
Shanghai,ChinaIris Hu ( cell: 86 21 50156972--818 )
Iris Hu
Iris Hu, majored in English with a bachelor's degree. She worked as a merchandiser at a foreign trade company and has two years' export working experience of garment products and the knowledge of export process. She is familiar with garment production such as dress, skirt, shirt, pant and so on. Her professional knowledge and experience will help you expand your business in China.
Shanghai,ChinaJerry Chen ,Sourcing Manager ( cell: 13501716960 )
Jerry Chen ,Sourcing Manager
Jerry Chen, bachelor in Marketing, he has 10 years working experience in apparel and textile sourcing and exporting, and much knowledge about the fabric, trim and clothing. He is familiar with the related market and has plentiful supplier resources. He will be able to monitor the costs of your orders and make sure the supplier delivers the quality you require. His professional knowledge and experience will help you expand your business in China.
Foshan,ChinaHazel Jia ( cell: 86-757-86237455-8006 )
Hazel Jia
Hazel Jia, majored in Finance and got bachelor degree in Science of Educational Management. She has 8 years experience of banking operation, handling bank saving, withdrawing, credit card and loan. Afterwards, she has been working in international business for more than 5 years; she is specialized in dealing with exporting procedure. She's familiar with lighting, glass, furniture, aluminum and cardboard packaging printing. To choose cooperating with people who has abundant working experience will be a wise choice for you.
Foshan,ChinaBill Poon ,Sourcing Manager ( cell: 13927205221 )
Bill Poon ,Sourcing Manager
Bill Poon, with dual education background in Machinery & Electrics as well as Business English, 12 years experience in technical production department, will be a guarantee of quality control. He has the knowledge of factory audit both in Technical and Ethical, so as to ensure we are supplying high quality goods which are produced ethically. He has been in international trade regarding ceramics and hardware for 5 years, good at product sourcing, cost saving and order managing. This helps us to supply our clients the right goods with right price on time.
Montreal,CanadaRobert Charette ( cell: 514-631-8299 )
Robert Charette
With a degree in administration, Robert Charette joined APS-Sourcing with a great working experience. For more than 13 years, he was on the road representing industrial manufacturers. In the last ten years he act as a manager for distributing companies and he got involved in purchasing and importing . Robert achieved success and passion servicing his clients, they always came first.
Toronto,CanadaBurzin Mama ( cell: 416-894-3980 )
Burzin Mama
Graduated in a British school, Burzin Mama is a specialist in purchasing textile products and performing quality control. From Pakistan and other south Asian counties and later from Canada, he supplied buyers in various European and North American countries. His vast experienced in international trade and his numerous training by European companies will be assets for your company.
Shanghai, ChinaElinda Shu ( cell: 86-21-50156972-801 )
Elinda Shu
Elinda Shu, majored in Secretary Administration. She has competence in Secretary vocational skills. She has strong sense of team-work and good attitude. Her good performance in administrative aspects will be helpful for your work.
Shanghai, ChinaLex Jiang ( cell: 86-21-50156972-820 )
Lex Jiang
Lex Jiang, majored in Business English, has 5 years experience in sourcing and export. He is familiar with PVC pipe and chemical raw material. He also has the knowledge of production process of the mechanical equipment and spare parts, steel pipe and coated steel coil. His professional knowledge and rich experience will help to expand your business.
Shanghai, ChinaKerry Liu ( cell: 86-21-50156972-809 )
Kerry Liu
Kerry Liu, majored in International Business, has 10 years working experiences with textile fabric on Import and Export Trade. He has been worked at the Dyeing and Printing mill and Foreign-funded Enterprises in the past. He has plentiful suppliers on hand, with abundant knowledge on sourcing textile fabric, and especially familiar with the textile marker and fashion trend. He can control and push your order smoothly. His professional knowledge and experience will be a great help for you.
Shanghai, ChinaFreedom Shen ( cell: 13817161515 )
Freedom Shen
Freedom Shen, Majored from Mechanical & Electronic System Faculty, with deep understanding of international trade and purchase and effective control on whole sourcing and purchase procedure. He has 14 years experience on various field, such as hand tools and garden tools, building material and wood products, outdoor leisure products etc. His skillful experience and knowledge of sourcing and negotiation will be a bridge for you and potential supplier in China.
Shanghai, ChinaJessica Zeng ( cell: 021-50156972-812 )
Jessica Zeng
Jessica Zeng, majored in Business English. She has more than 3 years’ experience in exporting for garments. She is familiar with knitted wears, such as T-shirts,Polo Shirts, Fleece Sweaters and Jogging Pants. She is good at communicating with customer and following up production. Her professional knowledge and experience will help you expand your business in China.
Foshan,ChinaJoyce Chen ( cell: 0757-86237455-8005 )
Joyce Chen
Joyce Chen, majored in Electron and Information Technology. She worked in Export & Import company in the past. She has been dealing with construction material for 4 years. She is familiar with construction material & hardware,glass door fitting,sanitary accessories,etc.She could handle the entire export procedure and has a mature network in the field.
Montreal,CanadaJacques Cartonnet,Sales Manager ( cell: 514-831-2841 )
Jacques Cartonnet,Sales Manager
Jacques Cartonnet has a Commerce degree from Concordia University in Montreal. For the last 27 years he has owned and operated 3 successful import-export International companies, specializing in promotional products, fashion accessories and textiles. His vast experience includes sourcing, manufacturing, purchasing and exporting from China, Southeast Asia, India and Europe. Having worked, lived and travelled very extensively overseas he has become very knowledgeable in local customs and business operations. He is well versed in English, French and Italian.
Montreal,CanadaWu yi ( cell:  )
Wu yi
Wu yi graduated from Normandy Business School in France, majoring in value chain management with master degree. She has five years of experience in purchasing, supply chain management and logistics. She worked for different companies in France and in China. She speaks French, English and Chinese.
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